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Posted 7/14/11:  Local Entrepreneurial Non-Profit seeks Community Program & Fund Development Officer.

Housing & Community Solutions (www.HousingandCommunitySolutions.org) seeks an organized, energized, creative and flexible professional to manage the organization's affordable housing, community and economic development projects and its fundraising and grantwriting program. The successful candidate will possess strong writing skills, a high level of motivation, the ability to quickly learn new concepts and material, and a willingness to be mentored.  Experience with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook), website management and social media/marketing is strongly desired.  Candidates with a background in Macro Social Work, Urban Planning, Architecture/Design, Public Health, Business, Affordable Housing, Communications/Fundraising, and related fields will be considered. This is presently a one person office so this person must do it all. Salary is based on qualifications and experience. We will be looking to hire as soon as the right candidate is found. For consideration, please email a one page cover letter and resume to Eric Friedman, President at  EricS@HousingandCommunitySolutions.org and copy Chris DeJarnette Chris@FriedmanGroup.com

Questions?  Please call (314) 367-2800 ext. 23 for Eric or (314) 367-3147 ext. 27 for Caroline (until July 27). Posted on July 14, 2011.


Program & Development Officer-- Job Description

SUMMARY: Works to develop and implement the plans and programs of the organization. Collaboration and guidance is provided by the President and Treasurer. Reports to President and Treasurer and works with the Board as requested.

This is presently a one person office, so this person must do it all.



  • Regularly provides progress reports, works with President to develop agenda and work plan and supports the President in the implementation of agenda, work plan, programs and activities.
  • Increases financial capacity of organization by submitting appropriate grant proposals and applications to state and federal agencies, to local, regional and national foundations and through solicitation of support from community foundations.
  • Assists in the development of programs and implements strategies to facilitate mission attainment.
  • Develops communications plan to include press releases, website needs, newsletter and marketing materials. (Not yet created.)
  • Performs administrative and business operations activities.
  • Develops and submits to President and Treasurer the annual budget and cash flow projection reports.
  • Manages budget and provides materials needed by accountant and CPA.  Provide monthly financial reports with the assistance of the accountant. Write checks and pay bills with accounting provided by accountant.



  • Ability to plan, direct and coordinate activities; able to communicate effectively, to a variety of audiences, in both written and oral forms what those plans and activities will be.
  • Exhibit independent judgment in the development, implementation and evaluation of plans for the organization and in program design.
  • Manage own learning on the job.
  • Show initiative in developing action/work plans to reach goals of the organization.   Have and maintain a high level of MS Office (outlook, excel, word) Computer proficiency.



  • Co-creation of strategic plan and work plan. Case statements and talking points will be written for use by you and the President, Treasurer, Board of Directors.
  • Board meetings held to explain mission advancement.  It is a natural expectation that board members will grow in their understanding of the organization’s functions and goals, which will result in an increase in commitment from them, to the organization.  Meetings are typically held quarterly. Two meetings have been held in 2011 to date (Jan. and April).
  • New Website for HCSI will be developed and/or website will be enhanced to communicate programs and plans, to be a resource for the community and enhance development, as well as needed marketing materials and an annual report.
  • A detailed development plan will be written for organization’s fund-raising strategy by end of year and reviewed quarterly and revised as needed.
  • A fluctuating number of programs, at any one time, will be implemented to advance mission.  This fluid number, which will usually range between three and six, will be agreed upon by the President,  as the number needs to change to remain manageable and/yet effective for mission attainment.
  • Relationships among stakeholders will be strengthened.
  • Grant writing to local, national and regional foundations and corporations will bring in at least $ . (Amounts to be agreed upon.)
  • Applications to state and/or federal agencies will bring in at least $ . (Amounts to be agreed upon.)
  • Donations from individuals (including those given in support of individual programs), will be at least $ . (Amounts to be agreed upon.)
  • Provide for next year’s operating budget with the assistance of the Officers and the board. (Has been submitted for FY 2011. Need to create for FY 2012.)
  • Implementation of at least three new “best practices” strategies per year, suggested by mentors during on-going visits with them.
  • Continue relationships with interns, universities.
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